Donating Your Wedding or Event Flowers

Often after a wedding or event, the floral arrangements are given away to guests to take home and enjoy. We love this!!  Sometimes, for various reasons, this isn’t possible and the flowers end up in the compost bin.  While it’s a good thing to recycle, there is another option, which is donating them to a local facility, such as a nursing home, retirement center, or children’s hospital.

Certain factors like timing, design mechanics, and flower types will determine whether donation is a possibility.  If you are interested in exploring the options, be sure to mention this to your event florist as early as possible, (ideally at your initial consultation) so that this aspect of the event can be taken into consideration at each stage of planning.

Christopher Flowers is happy to handle donating your “leftover” wedding or event flowers to a local facility that will be thrilled to receive them.  Be sure to let us know when you meet with us that this is a priority for you.  This will ensure that we can coordinate the delivery of the flowers for maximum life and enjoyment!  In the Seattle area, there is also a dedicated service that specializes in handling these donations called Floranthropy.


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