Designing from the Garden

Last summer, Barbie Hull and I worked on a fun project to show gardeners how they can design floral arrangements with flowers from their own garden.  Our goal was to highlight individual flower types that work well for arranging, the process of creating a design, and the finished arrangements.  This first example was taken at my parents’ house in August. (Hi, Mom and Dad!)

Clematis, Echinacea, Sedum

Nice, sharp tools are essential.  Clippers of various sizes are helpful for getting into shrubs and between closely planted specimens to cut just the stems you really want.

Filling your container with pebbles, moss, or foam gives you greater control in placing stems where you want them to stay.  Add water to your container before starting your arrangement.

Establish the dimensions of your arrangement with the longest and/or heaviest stems, which will be harder to fit in if you start with more delicate flowers.

We also wanted to show how a single arrangement looks in different settings around the house and in different types of light.  The arrangement above on an outdoor table is shown again indoors on a buffet, below.

This finished arrangement contained: Ninebark, Roses, Astilbe, Sedum, Clematis, Lobelia, and Heuchera.

Big thanks to Barbie Hull!  Be sure to check out more of her fabulous work at her website.  Look for more tips on designing with flowers from your garden in upcoming posts.

Thanks again to Mom and Dad for letting us use their beautiful garden!!

3 responses to “Designing from the Garden

  1. I am a sucker for anything garden. So much love in one arrangement and the photos are super great.

  2. Thought I recognized that yard, A beginer could make an arrangment from that yard! You have the eye to put it all together and make them sing.

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