Bird-of-Paradise Shawl

I finished this piece last week, and I’m really excited to have it available before Valentine’s Day. This is my ‘Bird-of-Paradise’ shawl, made in gorgeous hand-dyed silk, mohair, wool, and cotton. It has a beautiful drape, warmly rich colors, and just a touch of a fuzzy haze. This would make a luxurious and special gift that will be treasured for many years! Find all the details at my Etsy shop.

handmade shawl silk wool mohair valentine gift shawl handmade accessories orange purple silk shawl handmade slow fashion accessories valentine giftCopyright 2016 Christopher KnitsCopyright 2016 Christopher Knits

7 responses to “Bird-of-Paradise Shawl

  1. Beautiful! The colors are amazing and it looks soft.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the colors.

  3. Beautiful – I love the combination of colours!


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